Senior Caseworker, AKT

As a senior caseworker at AKT, Nathan is one of our Contributors, and he fits the bill perfectly. Nathan feels strongly about safe housing for everyone, equality, diversity and celebrating our differences, and he is passionate about showcasing LOWE as a safe space for LGBTQ guardians.

Nathan has a love for the arts and history, and outside of his work at the charity, he also volunteers within the community partnerships team at the British Museum, working to build meaningful and engaging relationships with local communities in London and the surrounding counties.

Nathan has been a LOWE Guardian for just over a year and has always been a key member of his community. As Head Guardians he has arranged a number of EDI events to celebrate culture and diversity at his property, such as Pride, International Woman’s Day and Black History Month, and as a LOWE Ambassador, Nathan wants to represent the Queer and LGBTQ community, and wants to provide a safe platform for other guardians to share their many varied experiences.

He is passionate and light-hearted, and we can’t wait to see him in this role, bringing his energy, new ideas and enthusiasm to the LOWE network.

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