General Manager, The Room Studios

Music is woven into the fabric of Sharon’s life. As one of our inimitable Placemakers, Sharon has always been passionate about the creative industry, particularly music. She believes music can bring people together, inspire communities and change lives. The Room Studios is a grassroots organisation which is focused on developing a safe, creative hub for young, innovative, and progressive talent to record, rehearse and develop their music.

Outside of her work, Sharon has completed an NVQ in Anatomy, Pathology and Physiology, and is starting an MA in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology in 2023. She intends to combine her qualifications and experience to raise awareness around mindfulness and self-care within the creative industries, with the end goal of starting a positive life-style brand that encourages and champions conscious living, self-care, and community. Sharon also volunteers with Plastic Free Peckham, a local charity organisation that arranges group ‘clean-ups’.

Sharon has a passion for conscious living and chose guardian living to not only become part of an existing community, but also encourage positivity, regeneration, development, and innovation – without damaging local culture. She strongly feels that guardians can be the face of something new and progressive.

As a LOWE Ambassador, Sharon hopes to focus on her community interests and streamline them in developing a framework for her own project. She wants to form friendships and build professional relationships, but mostly, she’s looking to give back and become a part of the fabric of her community. Her passion, determination and vibrancy, will contribute to community, conscious living and creativity, channelling her positive energy into something interesting and dynamic, using her skills, contacts and experience to do so. With Sharon’s wealth of personal experience and professional knowledge, we can’t wait to see the unique and innovative ideas she’ll bring to the Programme!

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