Vacant property maintenance is one of our top priorities for the buildings we manage, ensuring that your property is well maintained and secure from start to finish. This means fully fitting-out the buildings, ensuring they are secure, fully compliant with health and safety standards and completed to a bespoke standard prior to our charitable partners taking up occupation. Our highly skilled in-house LOWE Maintenance operatives are on hand to provide upkeep for your property during business hours, and our dedicated out-of-hours service ensures the property is in safe hands round the clock.

LOWE Maintenance


We understand property and the needs of our clients. Whether your building is going through development, regeneration or disposal, we are here to secure your property in the interim while you work through your plans. We see ourselves as an extension of your in-house team and we’re always available for any help you may require.

With a dedicated Account Manager, all of our clients have a reliable, single point of contact to help with any enquiries and requests including arranging access, submitting and overseeing applications for the removal of business rates, providing any necessary information for insurance purposes, creating reports, and working on proactive PR opportunities.

The Benefits

Benefit 1

Building Security

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Benefit 2

Business Rates Management

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Benefit 3

Building Management

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Benefit 4

Place Making

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Benefit 5

Charitable Foundation & Giving Back

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