LOWE Ambassador Programme

Fun fact: the average LOWE guardian is actually not average at all.

Each of our guardians has a unique story and so many of them go above and beyond to serve the wider community. The guardian lifestyle attracts the most interesting and socially minded people. 40% of our guardians are key workers, almost 25% are creatives and you can bet we have everything else in-between. So our guardians are professional community makers. But they don’t stop there, oh no. The affordability of guardianship means the pressure to work traditional hours is lessened. So do these guardians spend their extra time playing x-box and eating noodles? Absolutely not. They use this extra time to volunteer with charities or their local communities.

We want to recognise these great guardians and support them. This July we are launching our LOWE Ambassador Programme. There are 12 summer positions with applications opening on July 3rd, with the portal closing at 12pm on August 3rd ahead of a mid-August announcement.

What is a LOWE Ambassador? Who is eligible? What is the process? Here is the LOWE Ambassador Programme in a nutshell:

The Ambassador is the leader of their community. They are engaged and keen to work with LOWE to foster inter-property networks and be a spokesperson for their community.

Applicants must already be living with LOWE although there is no requirement for length of stay. The Ambassadors receive a minimum of 40% off their licence fee and the opportunity to promote their projects and charity work. They will represent the company and must be prepared to participate in PR opportunities and meet potential clients.

The position can be held for a maximum of one year. There will be two rounds of applications per calendar year; the first taking place this summer, and the next in January 2021. The first round of the application is an online form (check out the link at the bottom of the page!). A shortlist of 18 guardians will be contacted and a panel comprising of members of different LOWE departments and LOWE Foundation Trustees will pick the final 12.

Who are we looking for? Well we have identified three groups of guardians whose service to the community, entrepreneurship and vitality we believe deserves to be supported and shouted about.

Key workers:

We’re talking NHS workers, police, transport operators, educators, postal employees, charity workers – the list goes on. We recognise the sacrifices key workers have always made, and continue to make, for our community. COVID-19 has only strengthened our belief that key workers are the backbone of our society and we want to support them in any way possible.


These are our big picture, cutting edge guardians looking for a foothold in London. You might be founding a start-up, working toward environmental sustainability or engaged in future focussed technology. As a start-up ourselves we always harbour a soft spot for the entrepreneurs. We see your vision and we get behind it. Let’s shake up your industry!


Place-makers are the people who make a house into a home, a postcode into a community and fill the local area with sound and colour. Musicians and artists, small business owners and creator alike, we have a place for you. Creative industries tend to be overlooked, but you place-makers hustle hard and not only bring joy to your communities but also educate them – it’s time we give you a stage at LOWE.

So if you’re keen then hit apply at the link below! If you want to talk to someone about it before diving in, drop the Guardian team an email or call the office on 0207 856 0171.


Photo credit: James Dovey and the Plaistow guardians