Property Guardianship

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Social impact is a vital part of our business practice, and property guardianship addresses two major issues in real estate today; affordable housing and environmentally sustainable housing. We provide our clients with a professional, efficient and low-cost solution to the problems created by leaving buildings vacant, whilst at the same time providing safe and affordable accommodation for young professionals, key workers and creatives.

The Benefits

Benefit 1

Cost Effective Solution to Vacant Property Protection

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Benefit 2

Vacant Property Care & Maintenance

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Benefit 3

Account Management

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Benefit 4

Charitable Foundation & Giving Back

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Benefit 5

Providing Affordable Housing

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Benefit 6

Flexible Arrangements

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Our Clients

We work with landlords, property owners, developers, housing associations, trusts and local authorities to provide a viable solution to keeping your empty properties safe and secure by mitigating the risks likely to arise from a vacant building. As London’s premier property guardian company, we have a proven track record of protecting vacant buildings against squatting, mitigating business rates and lowering insurance premiums for property owners – all at no additional cost.

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All guardians are vetted extensively resulting in a socially responsible, reliable and professional community who care about both where they live and the surrounding community. We want our guardians to contribute to the community, stimulate local economies and fill empty buildings with life. We provide affordable accommodation for young professionals, key workers and creatives, in locations and spaces that would otherwise be beyond their means.

Jess, LOWE Ambassador, Innovator

The Process

Step 1


Contact us by phone or email to arrange an inspection of your property.

Step 2


We will inspect your building and provide you with a free consultation report with our recommendations on how best to protect your building.

Step 3

The Fit Out

Our highly skilled maintenance team will transform your vacant building into a habitable environment for our guardians, meeting all necessary regulations and standards. We do not charge for the fit out.

Step 4


Our carefully vetted guardians are then granted access to the building under legally binding license agreements, which clearly state that no tenancy has been created.

Step 5


Our 24/7 management team are on call to ensure the property is effectively managed. We do not charge a management fee.

Step 6


Upon reaching the end of the agreed contract, our guardians are given 28-days notice to vacate the building, after which it is returned to its original state.

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