Vacant Property Specialists

Are you a landlord in possession of an empty property? With the help of our vacant property specialists, we are here to provide you with the best solution for mitigating unwanted business rates. So, what are the options?

At The LOWE Group, we pride ourselves on delivering the safest, most cost-effective and sustainable solutions to the issues that arise from owning a vacant building. This is why we are trusted vacant property specialists who go the extra mile to ensure that your property and assets are well protected and maintained.

Are you experiencing some of the many problems that occur from having a vacant unprotected building? We provide a range of services that help to secure and take care of your empty property the best way we can to meet your needs. Our team of vacant property experts will assess the situation at hand and offer cost-effective solutions that can not only save you up to £300,000 per year but positively impact the local community as well.

Whether your property is suitable for workspace occupation, live-in guardians, charitable occupation or could simply benefit from our security services, we have built a track record of preventing vacant buildings from squatters, structural damage, mitigating business rates and all whilst impacting the nearby community.

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How our Guardians have Helped us to Become Vacant Property Specialists

We have become one of the leading companies in vacant property protection and specialist services in London and the South East and we couldn’t have done it without the help of our trusted guardians. Our property guardians are socially responsible working professionals who are looking for flexible accommodation within close proximity to their place of work.

Providing 24/7 security without the potential cost of a couple thousand a month, you can confidently alleviate the risk of squatters, vandalism or theft, whilst creating a positive social impact on the local community. Property guardians also drastically reduce insurance premiums and business rates that you may be faced with.

As one of our most sustainable and beneficial services, our guardians have helped us to become empty property experts and we couldn’t be prouder.

Providing you with the Most Suitable Solution for your Empty Property

Every case is different and each building is going to come with its own unique requirements and potential problems that need fixing. We can offer full management services that, where possible, we can cover all rates liabilities and responsibilities depending on the suitability of your property space, where workspace occupation is an option. In addition, with our charitable occupation service, we can even provide guaranteed business rates savings of between 80 – 100%.

Whether you are interested in directly contributing to the surrounding community through live-in occupation or looking for professional security services and property maintenance, as vacant property specialists we will ensure that you are provided with the best possible solution to your building needs.

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