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Providing Affordable Housing in London

Rather than leaving a building empty, we provide affordable housing for London’s working professionals, key workers and creatives, offering the chance to live for less while supporting the local area.

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Affordable Housing Schemes for London’s Key Workers

We are passionate about providing affordable housing to Key Workers in your local area and to those who need it most. Rather than leaving a building empty, we utilise otherwise vacant properties in London and the surrounding areas and provide a safe and affordable accommodation solution for local key workers, creatives and working professionals close to their place of work. By enabling people to live for less, we provide them with the freedom to be aspirational. We also help build communities and support the local area, which is something that we are extremely proud of.

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Cost-Effective Accommodation Through Guardianship

We provide affordable housing solutions in the London area through guardianship schemes that benefit both landlords with vacant properties and responsible individuals seeking cheaper accommodation. Property guardianship offers landlords live-in security, reducing the risks that often arise with having a vacant building, such as vandalism or squatting. Guardians, in turn, enjoy cost-effective housing options while contributing positively to the local community. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement for all parties involved!

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Cost Effective Solution to Vacant Property Protection

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