Innovative Solutions to Managing Vacant Space

We deliver cost-effective, innovative solutions to managing vacant spaces, which create social impact and support local communities.

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We believe that vacant properties present inspiring spaces for placemakers, key workers and innovators to live, work and create. We are passionate about bringing these otherwise vacant spaces back to life, creating affordable workspaces and close communities.

We also understand the significant costs of leaving a property vacant. We have a strong track record in reducing security costs, mitigating empty business rates, and where possible, generating additional income on otherwise vacant assets.

We evaluate every property on its own merit, and will always propose the most suitable service for managing vacant properties. Whether it be property guardianship, workspace and creative uses, charitable occupation or traditional security, we always place social impact at the heart of everything we do, whilst providing our clients with the most cost effective solution to leaving a building vacant.

Highbury & Islington


In 2014 whilst working at Knight Frank, I conducted a comprehensive assessment with the Estates Gazette to discover if any truly affordable solutions existed for London’s young workers today. Labelling the project ‘Lowe Cost Living’, it involved me searching for (and ultimately living in) properties under £500 a month in central London. My search created such interest that it was picked up by The Evening Standard, The Financial Times and BBC .

One of my strongest memories of the investigation was living as a property guardian. I shared one shower in a neglected disused office with twenty others, I experienced having heating on 24/7 at the height of summer, as well as rat infestations in the bathroom. These experiences were not a one off; the guardian industry has caused quite a stir in the press for providing substandard conditions for their inhabitants, with very little effort made to rejuvenate the buildings they are supposedly guarding.

I realised then that the guardian industry needed to be radically improved; on the one hand, property owners needed to receive a service they could trust and on the other, guardians deserved to live in better conditions.

Tim Lowe, Founder & Director

That was back in 2014. Since then, we’ve continued to grow and evolve as a business and we now manage numerous properties within our portfolio. We’ve also diversified the type of solution we offer. We always want to provide our clients with the most bespoke service possible, so we’ve broadened our offering to include charitable occupationaffordable workspaces and traditional security services too. Some of our clients’ properties are better suited to affordable workspace, and we’ve seen an increasing demand for flexible work space (particularly driven by COVID-19) over the past 18 months.

Whatever the solution, we always apply the same LOWE principles that are at the core of our business, and we will always propose the most appropriate solution for our client.

Parsons Green

Since our formation, we have been widely recognised for our professional and innovative approach to managing vacant space. Our work has been featured by The Estates Gazette, Property Week, Evening Standard, BBC, Dezeen, Financial Times, as well as British Airways. Our clients include some of UK’s leading developers, property funds, local authorities and housing associations. Our bespoke, hands-on approach has led to excellent reviews by clients.


We are a team of bright individuals who are passionate about making an impact on people’s lives and providing a property service we truly believe in. We have built a professional but informal environment; a culture of innovation runs through the business, where new ideas are welcomed across all levels and everyone’s voice is heard. We work collaboratively, supporting one another and celebrating individual successes, and it is because of this that we are a very close-knit team.