Property Guardianship Benefits

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What are the Benefits of Property Guardianship?

Property guardianship benefits with LOWE are plentiful!

Not only do property owners benefit from having their otherwise vacant buildings protected from squatters, anti-social behaviour and vandalism, but licensees benefit from affordable housing in desirable locations, whilst contributing to the wider community. LOWE’s key focus is on providing quality, low-cost, secure living spaces to key workers, entrepreneurs, creatives and working professionals in unique locations and spaces.

Become a Property Guardian


One of the main property guardianship benefits is affordability. The overall costs are always substantially less than traditional renting with individuals saving on average between 50%-60% on housing, compared to traditional renting. Licensees not only save on monthly accommodation, but many shared buildings are often inclusive of bills, utilities and council tax. In the more central locations or locations which are close to places of work, licensees will often save money on commuting costs too. We often find individuals can save enough money to put towards a mortgage, new car, a studio or creative space, setting up a business or travelling, and this is a key driving force to becoming a guardian.

Live in Great Locations

Property Guardianship schemes provide an alternative way to live which is both unique and affordable. Many of our properties are located in normally expensive, desirable locations, such as city centres, meaning that many guardians are able to live in amazing locations for much less money.

A Range of Interesting Properties

The nature of property guardianship schemes means that the buildings we protect are incredibly varied. Our portfolio includes pubs, schools, care homes, police stations, office buildings, theatres and more. Traditionally, property guardianship means living within a shared property, but a benefit of LOWE is that we also offer a range of properties from self-contained 1- and 2-bedroom flats, to large studios and communal living. Most of our properties are located in London but we also have properties in Brighton and Winchester.

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Large Living Spaces

A benefit of property guardianship that we can often provide at Lowe is in the form of space! Most of our properties have large communal spaces, and our creative licensees often transform these spaces into art or photography studios, freelance space or home gyms – we even have a skate park in one of our properties!

Build a Community

We have an extensive vetting process, which results in a socially responsible, reliable and professional community of like-minded people who take excellent care of the buildings they protect. When surveyed, approximately 60% of guardians said they chose LOWE for its positive reputation as a socially minded business.


The licence agreement is the legally binding contract entered into with licensees. The contract outlines the licensees’ duty of care to the property, including the flexible living arrangements, requiring just 28 days’ notice to leave – this is one of the many benefits of property guardianship with Lowe!

Due to the nature of our business, if licensees wish to continue to live with LOWE when their property is handed back, we will always do our best to relocate as many of our licensees as possible in available living spaces across our portfolio.

"Best that I have dealt with"

This guardianship company is the best one that I have ever dealt with so far, from organisation to customer service. I'll definitely recommend LOWE to my friends!


December 2022 - September 2023

"You guys are all great"

It was great being looked after by LOWE, instead of worrying about landlords or agencies! You guys are all great, thank you for looking after me :)


September 2021 - July 2022

"Secure and friendly environment"

LOWE is a very professional agency. They make sure that their tenants are living in a secure and friendly environment. Very happy to have been a part of LOWE guardians.


March 2019 - February 2021

"Super responsive and helpful"

I loved living with LOWE - a decent place for a very reasonable price and excellent location. LOWE were always super responsive and helpful whenever there were issues and made the whole experience as a guardian an excellent one! Thank you!


January 2018 - July 2020

"Beautiful buildings in great locations"

The best thing about living as a guardian with LOWE is the community, beautiful buildings in great locations and looking after the property. I would like to say thank you very much to LOWE for the opportunity to live in such an amazing place.


June 2019 - April 2023

"Housemates were amazing"

I really enjoyed my time with LOWE. We had an excellent Head Guardian and all of my other housemates were amazing. Great building, excellent location and the people in it.


November 2021 - June 2022

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