Our Guardians

STEVEN, Doctor

I was affected by a bad flood last July and found myself suddenly homeless. While looking for a new place to live I was recommended to LOWE by a friend who had heard good things about the company. I have been with LOWE for just over six months and best thing is being able to afford to live in a lovely flat in a location that is close to my work. This saves me so much time as I’m able to walk to work rather than face a long commute. The other great aspect of guardianship with LOWE is meeting the other guardians in the other flats. It has felt like a ready-made community and as neighbours we meet up a lot to do things together. Lastly dealing with estate agents can be a nightmare, however dealing with LOWE was a much better experience. Having a designated person help us with all the paperwork meant the application and move-in process was straightforward and very efficient.


I have been a guardian with LOWE for four years; first living in a property in Battersea Park, where I had the opportunity to become Head Guardian. I now live at Loughborough Junction, in a studio flat.

Living as a guardian with LOWE has helped me find affordable accommodation in central London, which, as a foreigner coming to work in London, you don’t necessarily want to live on the periphery of a big city. It means I can save disposable income for other purposes as well as bettering my everyday life when it comes to leisure.

There is also a fantastic community dimension, which gives you the option to socialise with a diverse range of people within your guardianship property. In mine, there are visual artists, craftsmen, actors, and various other professionals as well – I love it!


I have been a property guardian since 2018, but I moved in with LOWE in November 2021. I always wanted to live with LOWE because of their reputation in how they care more about the guardians living in their properties than other guardian companies.

I absolutely love the guardianship lifestyle; the incredibly affordable prices mean I can live in locations I wouldn’t normally be able to afford, and I can live in the most interesting and unique buildings!


I moved in with LOWE in summer 2021 as they were individually recommended to me by two good friends already living with LOWE.

Being a guardian with LOWE gives me the opportunity to live in central London, whereby my commute to the lab is only a 10-minute walk, which is incredibly useful as often I have to come to the lab on weekends. Being able to live so close to where I work means I can spend less time (and money!) commuting and doing more of the things I actually like to do!

Anyusha, Digital Experience & Content Manager

I have been with LOWE for 2 years, and the reason I chose to live with LOWE is because being close to the centre of town has always been my priority, and LOWE’s guardianship locations are second to none.

London is in my DNA: I grew up in NW6, and have spent the majority of my post-university life in this city. I wanted an adventure within the M25. One that would broaden my social circle, show me parts of the city I didn’t know, and offer the chance to create a new community. Guardianship spoke to all of those interests.  I’m now based in a majestic stucco-fronted mansion in South Kensington. Having spent my childhood weekends, eating cheese sandwiches and inspecting dinosaur bones at the Natural History Museum, it’s impossible to find a more iconic location. Living here as part of a growing, international, guardian community, beats any alternative flat sharing possibility.


I have been a property guardian for a number of years and I love it! There are so many disused properties in London and it’s a great way to live in amazing spaces at affordable prices. The property I live in in Battersea is wonderful – lovely people, fantastic living and communal areas, and a real sociable atmosphere. LOWE are the best company I have lived with as they are friendly and available to talk to in person.


I live with LOWE Guardians because there really isn’t anyone else in London offering Zone 1 living at such an affordable rate. I’ve found LOWE to be a responsive, conscientious guardian scheme that provides a great maintenance and repairs service, amazing communal spaces and a surprising amount of good quality amenities for your money.


Coming from Australia, the concept of squatters rights was foreign to me, I’d only heard about guardianship through other people I’d met since moving here. I actually spotted an ad about guardianship reading the Standard, did some research into the company and it looked like a really good program to get involved with. I signed up and a week later I had a new place. I’d heard some guardian programs were pretty ordinary, but all LOWE employees are really vested into the business model, from the moment I signed up to coming into the office and meeting everyone – they all really enjoy the work. Living inside a LOWE property has been an absolute dream. I was living in a dive before getting the Lowe property and it’s been nothing but great since. My Favourite part is definitely the property we’ve been given, and I honestly can’t think of any complaints I’ve had since moving in.


I have been a guardian with LOWE for a while now and can barely fault a single part of the process. Several friends moved to guardian properties coming out of university because of the extremely high rental prices, and I spent a lot of time visiting them at unique properties, such as care homes and police stations.

I moved into a former care home, where I began to teach Yoga to my fellow guardians. What I enjoy most about being a guardian is the community, it’s like a huge family – I come from a big family myself so moving into a building with lots of people feels like home! There is always somebody home to have a chat with and the guardians always have so much fun together, there is usually a movie night or something social happening inside the building. LOWE are amazing and I always find them to be professional and responsive.