How We Recruit Responsible Guardians

We Recruit Only The Best Guardians To Look After Your Vacant Buildings

Zohara Palmer

“Last month saw a record number of LOWE licensee applications – yet despite increased demand, we always select quality over quantity.”

Zohara Palmer, our Services Team Manager, explains how LOWE’s rigorous vetting process ensures we only recruit high calibre, responsible and reliable property guardians. “I look after all the applications that come into us at LOWE – and it’s been a busy month!” says Zohara.

“We pride ourselves in our careful selection procedure. It’s all about ensuring we have trustworthy, reliable, enthusiastic and engaged licensees living in the properties we are entrusted to look after.”

The selection process has evolved since Zohara joined LOWE. “We have become extremely meticulous in our checks – which has changed the type of licensees we attract. We’re now getting more professionals and key workers – doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, teachers, and so on.”

Zohara explains: “It’s quite an intense process – and it’s a two-step approach. Firstly, applications are completed through our website, which requires evidence of employment, landlord details, passport status and bank statements. Only once applicants have successfully passed that stage will our lettings team meet the candidates face-to-face for an interview.”

Zohara adds: “Another improvement in the application process is asking about interests, hobbies and ambitions. We’re basically creating communities in our buildings, so it’s really important we have certain types of characters living together harmoniously.”

Creating a community feel within a building is crucial. “We have a property liaison officer, who is the go-to person for any issues.  Our licensees make friends for life, we’ve even had a couple who met, got married and bought their own property, through guardianship!”

At LOWE we believe it’s important to offer opportunities to people from the surrounding area – and licensees are often recruited from the local neighbourhood, giving them the chance to live in quality affordable, temporary accommodation near their place of work.

Zohara sees first hand that the presence of property guardians can benefit the local community. “When you get a really good bunch of licensees they’ll do the gardening, grow things, they’ll make the outside of the building look nice – and I think that really helps in a residential area where other people are living. Rather than having empty, dormant properties, our licensees bring them back to life.”