Meet The First Occupant of Our Shed Project

Marc is a 30 year old graphic designer who was the first occupant to live in the Shed Project.

We caught up with Marc for a few words on his experience so far:

“For me it transforms living in London from pigeon-hole lodging, to making a space truly your own. Now, I couldn’t live any other way.”

He continued: “This city is so transient and fast-paced, we’re burnt out all the time! We rarely give ourselves time to pause, or somewhere to rest that is true to you and restores your spirit. I think the Shed Project actually allows that.”

Marc also pointed out how at first, he was a little sceptical of how the project:

“At first glance, I thought the Shed was unorthodox and awkward, hovering in the middle of an enormous space. I felt like it was still suffering from the hangover of its press launch night. It took two visits to convince myself that it was viable, and once it was set into a corner squared up to the room, it clicked into place architecturally. It suddenly became clear to me how sprawling out the edges into the surrounding space was the way to make this place magic.”

Marc, we’re delighted you’re enjoying the Shed Project at The LOWE Group. We’d urge others to come and see for themselves how the initiative could complement a dynamic, fast paced lifestyle.

In The Press

We are delighted to have been featured by both the Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Times over the last week. These articles mark two years of hard work and placing a strong focus on the communities that we strive to create.

We are very proud to have the opportunity to house London’s key workers and young professionals in safe and secure accommodation.