Episode 1 – Preston Benson, Really Local Group

Welcome to The LOWE Down – the Podcast from The LOWE Group, which talks all about Property with a Purpose.

We are a property services group who are passionate about innovative and creative solutions to managing vacant space, delivering social impact wherever possible. This podcast speaks to people within the industry who inspire us and the work we do.

In the first ever episode of The LOWE Down, we have a fantastic guest, Preston Benson, Founder of the Really Local Group.

The Really Local Group looks to deliver “true regeneration” and is the visionary team behind Catford’s new three-screen cinema, live music venue, food court and community space. This ambitious project is the ‘revival’ of Catford Mews, a former Mothercare which closed down in 2011. Now 8 years later, Catford Mews is reopening as a cultural hub for the community.

Preston is passionate about true regeneration and has a keen focus on localism, specifically launching venues that have the local community’s best interests at its core. In this episode we talk about the pros and cons of regeneration, where things have gone wrong, and what’s essential to get right.