LOWE Ambassadors

The LOWE Ambassador Programme

Our LOWE Ambassador Programme is part of the LOWE Foundation, and is a selective programme aimed at providing Key Workers, Innovators, Placemakers and Contributors a platform to pursue the causes they are passionate about through significant licence fee discounts and a voice within LOWE. We are always looking for community-minded guardians who are eager to represent their community and work with LOWE on initiatives and charitable giving.

How it works

Positions are made available every six months for guardians already living with LOWE, and each position is held a maximum of 6-months. The chosen Ambassadors will receive a minimum of 40% reduction to their licence fee, a platform to promote their own work or charitable causes and a direct point of contact within LOWE to work on projects dedicated to supporting the local community.

Elliott, LOWE Ambassador, Key Worker

Who is eligible

Key workers: NHS workers, police, transport operators, educators, postal employees, charity workers – the list goes on!

Innovators: Our big picture, cutting-edge, entrepreneurial guardians, whether they are founding a start-up, building a sustainability programme or engaged in future focussed technology.

Placemakers: Our guardians who turn a postcode into a community, filling the local area with sound, colour, diversity and culture. Musicians, artists, creators; they all deserve our support.

Contributors: Our guardians who are dedicated to giving back to their local communities, who use their time outside of work to volunteer with charities or local communities.

Bethany, LOWE Ambassador, Key Worker

Our ambassadors

The sheer diversity and calibre of our LOWE Guardians is astounding, there is an amazing opportunity to connect like-minded people and foster collaboration. So many guardians choose guardianship not just for affordability, but also for community, opportunity and sustainability. We want to give our guardians the space and infrastructure to support them in their endeavours, and to connect them with resources and each other.

Meet our passionate Ambassadors who are driven in their work and individual projects, and are invested in bringing together the LOWE community.

Meet Our Ambassadors

Misha, LOWE Ambassador, Placemaker