The Benefits of Property Guardians when Selling your Building

When it comes to selling your property, having Property Guardians in residence can be incredibly beneficial when helping you to sell. Read our case study below of a successful sale process with property guardians in occupation:

Client: Cranstoun
Type of Property: Charitable Rehabilitation Centre
Buyers: Private Developer

A former residential Rehabilitation Centre in Islington, providing support and care for those suffering from drug and alcohol issues, unfortunately forced to close due to lack of funds. The Client instructed LOWE for a live-in guardian solution whilst they went through the process of sourcing a buyer.

Following our comprehensive site inspection, LOWE noted that the property was in good condition and well suited for guardian living.

Overseen by a dedicated Partnership Manager, LOWE carried out a refurbishment of the property, ensuring that it was habitable, secure and fully compliant to the necessary standard. LOWE carried out a comprehensive vetting process to ensure only the most socially responsible guardians occupied the property. All guardians signed licence agreement, giving them no less than 28 days’ notice to vacate the property.

During the sales process LOWE was on hand to liaise with the Agent, Savills, and provide access to all areas of the building for agents, developers and representatives. This was particularly necessary as the property had a large and confusing layout. LOWE provided efficient key handling, and guardians could assist with property viewings as well as providing access to the rooms.

Once the buyer had been selected, LOWE were able to offer a continuation of their service to the new owners, ensuring the property remained protected while they worked through their planning.

Client; Niamh Donnelly, Cranstoun “Having LOWE Guardians living at City Roads meant that the property remained in meaningful use and well maintained, whilst ensuring the site was secure from squatters and vandalism. As we worked through our plans to sell the property, LOWE worked with the agents to facilitate the transfer of the property, enabling a more efficient selling process.

Agent; James Donger, Savills “Working alongside LOWE to sell this property was incredibly straight forward. With their help, we were able to get buyers in to view the property efficiently, and the guardians were able to help with tours of the buildings as well as facilitate with access. Having guardians living at the property also meant that we could always rely on the rooms and communal areas to be presentable for prospective buyers.

Jack Rudman, Client Services Director, LOWE “It was great working alongside the Agent to achieve the best results for our Client. City Roads was a central pillar of the community for over 40 years, and we felt it was important to ensure building was a central London hub for Key Workers from the local areas, creating a strong community within the property and upholding the principles of Cranstoun. We had some amazing guardians in the property which eased the entire process, one such guardian was Ellis, front line and NHS Key Worker.

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