Young Lewisham Project Bathroom Fit-Out

We are very excited to reveal a project we have been working on as part of our LOWE social impact programme. Our fantastic in-house LOWE Maintenance team recently undertook a project to transform the bathrooms at the Young Lewisham Project, a project incredibly close to our hearts.

The Young Lewisham Project is one of our incredible charity partners; founded in 1974 to support young people who might not be reaching their full potential in mainstream education. Young Lewisham Project aims to re-engage young people through alternative vocational programmes, teaching them the skills necessary for further education and workplaces in an enriching and encouraging environment. The project aims to maximise their chances of becoming active members of society by improving their self-esteem, skills and career prospects. Furthermore, the project works tirelessly to ensure that their young people are not left feeling hungry or lonely, which is achieved through communal cooking session. This initiative encourages collaborative efforts among them to cook homemade meals, not only fostering a sense of togetherness but also by teaching them essential and valuable life skills.

Today, the project is going from strength to strength, providing a platform for young people to discover their interests, skills and passions, continuing to serve as a valuable stepping stone. It now offers an even bigger selection of subjects and employable skills, both in and outside of the classroom. These include carpentry, digital media, cooking, mechanics and much more – all of which provide legitimate qualifications upon completion of the course. 

What makes this initiative even more remarkable is the inclusion of various exciting trips throughout the year. A standout example of this is the biking trips, where the participants use the motorbikes that they have personally repaired and refurbished, providing a practical and rewarding application of their mechanical skills. 

The Young Lewisham Project is an incredibly important organisation for The LOWE Group, as it supported one of our senior team members, Andre Tulloch, growing up. Andre was supported by the project during his teen years, where he developed confidence, as well as many of the skills which aided him to be in the position that he is in today. Recognising the impact that the Young Lewisham Project had on his life, Andre wanted to give back to a project that had been instrumental in his personal growth and development, helping to provide other young people with the same opportunities he had. 

Andre enjoying his time with the Young Lewisham Project at the age of 16, back in 2009.

Andre often accredits a lot of his career achievements to the support, care and skills that he received from the Young Lewisham Project – not only is he an invaluable asset to our senior team as Head of Property Services, but he is also an incredibly deserving winner of the prestigious 2023 Resi Trailblazer Award. Both Andre and the Young Lewisham Project are a credit to one another, and that is why we felt that it was an incredibly important project to get involved with, supporting where possible.

This is why Andre introduced LOWE to the required refurbishment of their bathrooms! This remarkable charity continues to allocate all of its resources to essential classroom equipment, sustaining existing programmes, organising exciting and enriching outings and various other critical needs. While they wanted to have the bathrooms re-fitted, there were always more pressing financial priorities. In light of this, our in-house maintenance team undertook the project, giving the bathrooms some much-needed ‘TLC’, as a small gesture of gratitude for all that they have done for an invaluable team member, and for all of the phenomenal work that they continue to do. 

You can watch the full fit-out process here:

For more information about the Young Lewisham Project and all the incredible work they do, please visit their website, or contact us for more information as to how we support their causes.