Founder of Finite Edition

Charlie has been a guardian with LOWE on and off over the last three years. He spent his childhood in the Cotswolds, before moving to London at the age of 18 to study music technology in Hackney. Not one to stay in the same place for too long, Charlie lived in Leeds for a year where he studied for a master’s in Creative Music and was also in Brighton for 2 years where he lived with LOWE at the former bank. Charlie’s creativity extends beyond sound and into fashion, arts and general poly-media events. We were excited to bring Charlie into the Ambassador fold for his latest project, Finite Edition which is a garment printing company that works with selected artists to support a variety of charities.

“At Finite Edition I work with artists, illustrators and photographers through limited curations of their work onto garments for selected charities. Each of our curations include images contributed to us by one artist for a charity of their choice. This charity is usually personal to the artist and their work. We print the artist’s work onto the back of white organic 100% cotton garments and sell these garments on a limited pre-order basis for one month.”

Charlie also works as the Head of Sound and Studio for the performing arts department at SFX Clapham College. Connection is what drives Charlie, as he loves to meet new people with shared views and aspirations, and who are committed to being creative with a purpose. Charlie loves to compose and perform music, and he is a committed cook if you’re lucky enough to be in his friendship group. Lockdown has been largely positive for Charlie as it enabled him to launch Finite Edition and to take the necessary time to contact and build relationships with creative people and charities to get this business off the ground. It has been difficult being separated from friends and family, and he missed his daily interactions with the students at his school, so he is excited to be back at work now.

Charlie is our resident arbiter of taste, be that visual or otherwise as his secret is that he has a refined palate and a penchant for pinots. From grape to glass, Charlie is passionate about wine and worked as a wine merchant for over two years.

By living with LOWE, Charlie became aware of the type of people who choose to become guardians and has learnt so much about other fields and ways of living that he never would have otherwise. He is passionate about this way of living and was keen to get involved with the Ambassador Programme so he could become more involved in representing this way of living and how it can be used as an investment for small businesses and personal growth.

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