Charitable Foundation & Giving Back

Social impact is a vital part of our business practice and one of LOWE’s core values is support and involvement with the local community. As such, every LOWE Works location will offer a select number of Charity Seats; dedicated desks available at reduced rates to charitable ventures.

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Innovator Programme

Some of our members go the extra mile in business. This could be founding a start-up or building a meaningful sustainability programme.

To recognise these people and the work they do, we’ve introduced the Innovator Programme. Our Innovators are passionate members that are driven in their work or individual projects. This programme is aimed at supporting those people, providing them with the right infrastructure and connecting them with resources, as well as each other. Within the programme, we offer free desk space, business mentoring, funding opportunities and a platform to advertise projects, using all of LOWE’s available support channels.

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Ross and Andrew, LOWE Works Innovator Programme

Charitable Foundation Through Our Property Guardianship

Availability of affordable housing and environmentally sustainable housing are two major issues in real estate today. As such, we have partnered with charities which look to address these matters; St. Mungo’s, LandAid and Spires Streatham. We also pursue causes that are important both to our clients and guardians, collaborating on projects and promoting valuable causes with a primary focus on local charities.

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JC, LOWE Guardian

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