Vacant Property Guardians

Secure your property & save money with our vacant property guardians

We provide our clients with a professional, efficient and significant cost-saving solution to the problems caused by leaving buildings vacant, such as high business rates and the risk of attracting squatters. Our vacant property guardians provide your empty property with protection and security, whilst benefiting from a safe and affordable housing solution – perfect for key workers and young professionals.

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How does a property guardian Scheme Work?

Vacant property guardians provide 24/7 security to your empty property, while taking good care of the building they are living in, mitigating the potential risk of squatters, vandalism or theft.

Traditional security solutions such as security guards, site patrols or alarm response can cost thousands a month. Allowing vacant property guardians to live in your building not only works as a cost-effective solution to securing the empty property, but also drastically reduces the insurance premiums and business rates that you may be faced with.

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Our dedicated database of professional, socially responsible and reliable property guardians take pride in and protect the buildings in which they live. Every new guardian must complete an extensive vetting process, including; background checks, DBS, employment and landlord references, and all vacant property guardians are personally met by a member of LOWE.

Our property guardians comprise of young professionals, key workers and creatives who contribute to the community, stimulate local economies and fill empty buildings with life. We are proud of the vetting process we have in place, as it sets us aside from our competitors and ensures only the highest calibre of guardian live in our vacant properties.

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Save over £100,000 per year with our vacant property guardians

By mitigating business rates and lowering insurance premiums we can ensure massive annual savings. Alongside this we also make sure your vacant properties are properly secured and maintained, so you don’t have to worry about squatting or other property damages.

The Benefits

Benefit 1

Cost Saving Vacant Property Protection

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Benefit 2

Vacant Property Care & Maintenance

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Benefit 3

Account Management

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Benefit 4

Social Impact & Charitable Foundation

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Benefit 5

Providing Affordable Housing

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Benefit 6

Flexible Arrangements

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The Process

Step 1


Contact us by phone or email to arrange an inspection of your property.

Step 2


We will inspect your building and provide you with a free consultation report with our recommendations on how best to protect your building.

Step 3

The Fit Out

Our highly skilled maintenance team will transform your vacant building into a habitable environment for our guardians, meeting all necessary regulations and standards. We do not charge for the fit out.

Step 4


Our carefully vetted guardians are then granted access to the building under legally binding license agreements, which clearly state that no tenancy has been created.

Step 5


Our 24/7 management team are on call to ensure the property is effectively managed. We do not charge a management fee.

Step 6


Upon reaching the end of the agreed contract, our guardians are given 28-days notice to vacate the building, after which it is returned to its original state.

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