The Benefits of a Guardian Housing Scheme

There are so many benefits to a guardian housing scheme, just ask some of our Guardians! LOWE’s key focus is on providing quality, low-cost, secure living spaces to key workers, entrepreneurs, creatives and working professionals in unique locations and spaces.

5 Benefits of a Guardian Housing Scheme

Here is just a few of the amazing benefits of a guardian housing scheme:

Affordable Living

One of the main benefits of a guardian housing scheme is the affordability. In fact, our guardian housing schemes can save you on average between 50%-60% on housing costs compared to traditional renting. What’s not to love?!

Opportunity to Live in Great Locations

Our guardian housing schemes provide affordable accommodation in some of the most central and desired areas in cities across the UK. So it’s not just the housing costs that you can save money on, being so central in the city can also save you money on commuting costs too.

Interesting & Different Properties

Our property guardian scheme often allows us to look after a whole range of different buildings. From pubs, to schools to even a police station, we’ve seen it all! But that’s what we love about the scheme, creating amazing and unique living spaces in some of the most interesting properties in the city.

Amazing Living Spaces

We always ensure that our living spaces are as unique and homely as possible, often including large communal areas for you to hang out with your fellow guardians. Some of our guardians often request to get creative with the living spaces, which is usually absolutely fine. So whether it’s a gym, a photography studio or freelance space, we love seeing our guardians getting creative!

Forming a Community

All our guardians are vetted extensively, which results in a socially responsible, reliable and professional community of like-minded people who take excellent care of the buildings they protect. Social events are a key part of our guardian housing scheme to encourage all our guardians to create a unique community and form friendships and bonds to last a lifetime.

Like the sound of a guardian housing scheme?

These are just a few of the amazing benefits of a guardian housing scheme, so if this has got your interest, why not apply to become a property guardian? All our guardians are vetted extensively and must meet a few requirements, but if you think you’re right for the role, get in touch today.