What are the Benefits of Shared Housing

Through years of experience helping guardians to find suitable housing, there are many benefits to our shared housing schemes. Discover what these are and how LOWE can best help you.

With the cost of living rising dramatically across the whole of the UK, it’s becoming harder and harder for young professionals to think about buying or even renting a property. At LOWE, we are passionate about helping key workers across London and the South East to find affordable housing solutions through property guardian schemes.

We often speak to people that are put off by the thought of shared housing, but what they don’t realise is that shared housing comes with many benefits that young people just don’t realise. Here, we’re going to look at the benefits of shared housing and why a guardianship could be the right option for you.

4 Benefits of Shared Housing

1. Affordability

One of the main benefits of shared housing is the costs and affordability. With multiple people sharing the same property, the costs can be considerably less than renting on your own. Our property guardians save on average between 50%-60% on housing compared to traditional renting. Guardians not only save on monthly accommodation, but many shared buildings are often inclusive of bills, utilities and council tax. In the more central locations or locations which are close to places of work, guardians will often save money on commuting costs too. With these reduced costs, we often see our young professionals being able to save money to put towards a mortgage, new car, a studio or creative space, setting up a business or travelling, and this is a key driving force to becoming a guardian. This is definitely one of the main benefits of shared housing.

2. Location

With the reduction in costs as mentioned above, this often means that you’ll be able to live in great locations in London. Plenty of our guardian properties are located in normally expensive, desirable locations, close to city centres, allowing them to live in the ideal locations for reduced prices. A great benefit of choosing shared housing!

3. Living Space

Most shared properties come complete with a large living space, allowing your creative side to come out! Our guardians often transform these living spaces to make them the perfect shared living space.

4. Community

All our guardians are vetted extensively, resulting in a shared housing unit of a socially responsible, reliable and professional community of like-minded people who take excellent care of the buildings they protect. When surveyed, approximately 50% of guardians said they chose LOWE for its positive reputation as a socially-minded business. We encourage guardians to buy into their communities, homes and to increase the amount of voluntary work they carry out in the local communities. Not only are you joining a shared housing community, but you may also make friends for life in the meantime!

Find out more about the benefits of shared housing with LOWE

These are just a few of the many benefits of shared housing, and here at LOWE, we are always happy to discuss the potential of shared housing opportunities. If you think shared housing could be for you and you meet all our guardian requirements, get in touch with our team today and kick-start your property guardian scheme!