Furnishing your LOWE room with Joe

Hey LOWE Licensee’s, Joe here! Grab a tea or coffee and explore five sustainable and affordable methods to furnishing your new LOWE home with me. 

Being a licensee with LOWE offers a huge variety of unique spaces to call home – from schools, to offices, to pubs and much more; so the possibilities are really endless! And we have all been there – moving into a new space is an exciting experience, filled with endless creative ideas as you picture every corner of your future home. From the moment you step into the viewing, your mind races with ideas: the perfect spot for your bed, the cosy nook for your up-cycled wardrobes, and perhaps a charming chair tucked away in the corner – not to mention where to put all of your plants! 

However, knowing where to start the shopping process can feel daunting, and potentially expensive. You quickly find yourself in a predicament: you’re eager to turn your new space into a home, yet mindful of the short-term nature of property guardianship  – so now you need to figure out how to do it sustainably, and without breaking the bank.

Charity shops

The perfect place to find unique, affordable gems. ‘Thrifting’ has soared in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. Not only is it an eco-friendly choice, lending support to worthwhile charities and causes, but it’s also a haven for uncovering one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that add character to any space.

Beyond its sustainability, affordability and worthwhile causes; charity shopping is a fantastic day out! With hundreds of charity shops dotted on high streets across London, you could spend a Saturday paying a visit to The British Heart Foundation, Oxfam or The British Red Cross, amongst many others. 

Facebook Marketplace

Bursting with pre-loved, top-quality room essentials at a fraction of their retail price, it’s perfect for budget-conscious shoppers. Much like charity shops, it offers an affordable, sustainable alternative to purchasing brand-new items (and is a super fun shopping experience!). What’s more, all of the listings are local and can be filtered by distance – so you can have the item within a matter of hours!


When aiming for high-quality, long-lasting purchases, turning to independent sellers can be beneficial for a number of reasons – that’s why we suggest sprucing up your LOWE property with some handcrafted Etsy goods. 

Etsy provides both convenience, variety, and quality. With its huge selection of independently made goods and quick shipping options, you can enjoy the ease of online shopping while supporting independent, local businesses. From handwoven textiles to hand crafted ceramics, this platform can provide you with a fun piece that will add a personal touch to anyone’s space.


Don’t fancy shopping at all? Try upcycling! Transforming old furniture that you or friends and family already own is a fantastic way to create something truly unique, sustainable, and cost-effective. You don’t need to be a DIY expert to get started – sometimes, all it takes is a fresh coat of paint to work wonders and breathe new life into tired pieces. Upcycling allows you to unleash your creativity while reducing waste and giving old items a second chance to shine.


Freecycle, a non-profit organisation that offers you the opportunity to acquire a wide range of goods within your local community, absolutely free of charge, thus stopping them from ending up in landfills. That’s right, everything listed on the website is completely free. It’s the perfect avenue for discovering fantastic items without spending a dime, all while contributing to environmental preservation; win-win!

When it comes to shopping affordably and sustainably for your space, the options are plentiful! Whether you’re scouring the web, browsing charity shops, getting hands-on with DIY projects, or even snagging an item for free, there are plenty of eco-friendly ways to transform your space into a personalised, cosy home. So get creative and enjoy the journey of making your LOWE space truly feel like home!


Joe Buhat 

Lettings Consultant at LOWE.