How to Avoid Business Rates on an Empty Property

What are business rates?

Business rates are a tax on commercial properties in the UK. Properties eligible to pay business rates are non domestic lots such as shops, pubs, offices and warehouses.

Who has to pay business rates?

In England, if you use a property commercially, you will likely have to pay business rates based on what the property is used for, and how often it is occupied. Below we have looked at how you can avoid business rates on an empty property.

How can you avoid business rates on an empty property:

According to – the following property types may be exempt from business rates:

  1. agricultural land and buildings, including fish farms
  2. buildings used for training or welfare of disabled people
  3. buildings registered for public religious worship or church halls

If your property is empty, you may be given a grace period of three months where business rates do not apply.

If your property is valued at or below £2,900, business rates will not apply to the property until it is reoccupied.

Properties owned by/used for charity organisations or community amateur sports. The property must be used monthly for any of the above purposes to qualify for zero business rates.

Occupying your property – the above steps are to be put in place to avoid business rates on your empty property, however having a trusted property guardian occupying your property can be a cost effective way to avoid these business rates. When a property is partly occupied, the property owner may apply to the Valuation Office Agency to have the rateable value changed to reflect the partially occupied property. Our property guardian scheme can provide you with a range of vetted guardians to fit any property type.

Note: If a property changes ownership within this three month period, it does not begin again. The exemption applies to the property, not the business owner.

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