Inspiring Diversity in Property Pledge

Tim Lowe, the Founder and Director of The LOWE Group is delighted to announce his commitment to Property Week’s Inspiring Diversity in Property pledge, aligning with fellow property companies dedicated to fostering an inclusive and diverse workforce. 

This pledge underscores our ongoing efforts to amplify diversity and inclusivity in our organisation as we move forward.

Here’s what Tim Lowe had to say;

“I am pleased to sign Property Week’s equity, diversity and inclusion pledge. At The LOWE Group, we are passionate about fostering a more inclusive workplace; around 50% of colleagues are from a minority ethnic background.

“Diversity of our workforce means a diversity of ideas, approaches to problem-solving and understanding our customers and stakeholders, and we are all the better for it. Our mission to operate as an inclusive company fosters innovation and aligns with our societal expectations, ultimately positioning the company for long-term success in a rapidly changing market.”

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