Licensee Spotlight: Julia D – Actor, Singer & Puppeteer

Introducing Julia D, a licensee with a passion for the arts, living in a LOWE property in one of Londons sought after locations. Julia shares her fond memories of her younger self running around back stage at her fathers theatre and how covid was a struggle for her industry. Julia is one of our many licensees in the creative space who can continue with their chosen career without the weight of London’s rental market on their shoulders. 

1. What do you do?

I’m an actor, singer & puppeteer, primarily in stage musicals. And I side-hustle as a graphic designer/content creator.


2. Did you always have an interest in performing?

Yes my Dad ran a theatre company so I was doomed to a life in the arts from the very beginning. My early childhood memories are all of running around backstage and touring shows, particularly indigenous theatre and musicals in Perth, Western Australia.


3. Which artist/ performer do you draw the most inspiration from?

Actors: Hannah Waddingham & Viola Davies
Songwriters: Glen Hansard, Billy Joel & Elliot Smith
Filmmakers: The Cohen Brothers, John Carney, Ken Loach & Greta Gerwig
Eek so many men, I need to work on that…


5. What is your favourite thing about living in Central London?

Being able to walk EVERYWHERE (or cycle in 15mins). You’re right next to the hustle and bustle but there is a still a sense of community with the little side streets, coffee shops, bookstores & green spaces. Plus being so close to Kings Cross and all of its connections is super handy.


6. What is your favourite thing about living with LOWE?

Being able to live this central on an artists wage is the biggest blessing. But aside from that, I’ve loved the opportunity to live in such a unique building, and the creative freedom to paint and DIY. Even though we know it’s a temporary arrangement, we found really creative and affordable ways to completely transform the space into a home, and it has been worth all the effort. When people come to visit they can’t believe it’s a guardianship.


7.  What’s next? 

I feel like 2024 is the year for moving forward in a big way. My industry was decimated by Covid, and my career & confidence in the creative life was completely reset when I lost my theatre touring job. I spent the last 12 month seriously considering whether I had the energy to keep going, starting from zero in the UK again. But after doing a lot of soul searching and trying to live a different life, I’ve come in to this year with a renewed certainty that I’m not ready to quit yet. It’s just a matter of gritting my teeth, getting back to the hustle and trusting that something good is coming. When everything changes, it will change very quickly. Fingers crossed.