Licensee Spotlight: Lucie T – Art Curator

Introducing Lucie T, one of our valued licensees. Originally from New York and with a stint in Paris, Lucie is now living in one of our most centrally located apartments, and recently opened her first ever gallery in London! In our conversation, Lucie sheds light on the pivotal role that artists play in shaping the city’s cultural fabric, and shares her experience on being a LOWE guardian.

1. What do you do?

I am an art curator – I host and organise various exhibitions. 

2. Did you always have an interest in art?

Absolutely, since the day I was born. Having grown up in New York, much like in any major city, I always had art at my fingertips so there wasn’t really an option to not be interested in it. It is similar to London in that sense, because the exposure is really there – thank god! That initial interest led me to Art School, and then eventually curation. 

3. Which artist do you draw the most inspiration from?

The first artist who really impacted me was Ray Johnson – he is a true New York artist, and had a huge influence on my artistic taste. His work is exemplary of that specific time and place but still resonates today. Both his work and story are fascinating.

4. What inspired your most recent exhibition?

My most recent exhibition was actually the first exhibition I curated at my new gallery space. My inspiration was partially drawn from the month of February and Valentine’s day. I was really interested in fantasy or romance; the sentiment, longing and heartbreak. The artwork makes deliberate use of the introspective narratives and disorientated romantic symbols. 

5. What is your favourite thing about living in Central London? 

Are you kidding – it is the apartment. I wake up every day on a film set! 

6. What is your favourite thing about living with LOWE?

The apartment, no question. Additionally, LOWE are so helpful and there when I need them. I have lived in this building for over two years, but recently switched flats. LOWE was extremely helpful throughout the whole process and ensured a smooth transition. The buildings also have a great sense of community.

7. Why do you think that affordable space is so important for artists in the city? 

Throughout history, we’ve seen the obvious benefits of the arts when supported by governing bodies. Culture and economy thrives where artists have space and resources.

Culture is created in conversation and creativity is born through interactions and connection. London is spilling over with creatives and artists and it’s important to encourage that ecosystem.

8. What’s next? 

Because my business is so new, and I am always learning on my feet, I want to really grow alongside the artists that I work with.