The Lowe Group: The Name

The choice of name for any start-up company is always a big deal and you’re forever questioning if it’s right. I often get asked why I have called my business a name associated with budget airlines and discounted supermarkets when my vision is to create good quality, affordable housing solutions and a professional and reliable security solution for property owners and professionals.

As you may have figured, it’s a play on my surname. Sadly I didn’t have creative nous to come up with this; credit goes to Emily Wright from the Estates Gazettes who came up with the title Lowe Cost Living to describe my four month foray into searching for affordable housing options. (Un)fortunately from day one this stuck, and I couldn’t get rid of it!

But more importantly, it’s true to its name.

If you become a guardian with us, I can guarantee we’ll do everything in our power to ensure your home is low cost. London is one of the most expensive cities in the world and it’s getting worse, with very few genuinely affordable housing options available. Don’t think we are about cutting corners though: your rent maybe low cost, but everything else we put into each building (from the facilities you use to the events you can attend) is anything but.

And if you own or manage a vacant space, we are by far the most cost effective solution to manage and keep your space secure while it remains vacant.