LOWE x Peabody Housing

During the pandemic, we were all keen to clap for them, but where are the homes for heroes? Offering a solution, The Lowe Group are delighted to be working with Peabody Housing to provide exclusive, affordable housing to key workers in London.

Every community needs NHS staff, teachers, firefighters, police, care home staff and many other essential occupations to be able to function. In cities, such as London, the biggest barrier to recruiting and keeping these essential workers is that they struggle to find somewhere to live within the community they are serving.

The significant increase in lack of affordable accommodation for key workers in London, results in the reality that they are often faced with long commutes. Key workers often work long hours, night shifts and at unsocial times, and a difficult commute on top can affect their health, wellbeing, family life as well as costing a huge amount of money.

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in an unimaginable burden for key workers. There are approximately 250,000 people in the capital working in care occupations although many are leaving their jobs and the city. Vacancy rates in London for adult social carers was the highest for any region in England in December 2021. Although the government are planning to recruit, the affordable housing shortage is a huge obstacle in recruiting and retaining staff:

  • Despite the Greater London rental market prices falling, 23% of London’s renting key workers say their rent has increased.
  • Compared to other regions, key workers in London are the most dissatisfied with their housing situation when compared to other regions.
  • London’s key workers say they have found maintaining their work-life balance more difficult when compared to key workers in the rest of the country.
  • Key workers based in London were more likely to report money worries as drivers of poor mental health, when compared to the rest of the UK.

Source: RSA, founded by Trust for London

It is essential that key workers live in the communities they serve in high-quality homes at an affordable rent. The Lowe Group is thrilled to be able to provide the opportunity of affordable housing, with Peabody Housing, to these key workers who are doing such incredible things. There are brand new flats available at very affordable prices for key workers including one-bedroom, one-bathroom modern flats with parking and garden space for £250pcm excluding bills and utilities.

The Lowe Group thoroughly vet and assess each applicant to place people together to create a community of kind, hardworking individuals who will hugely benefit from the opportunity to live in a modern Peabody Housing apartment. It is a privilege to help those who sacrifice so much for our community and support them to continue to be the backbone of our society.

Although being a key worker is an incredibly rewarding job, it comes with its stresses which can impact mental health. Living with like-minded individuals come with a range of positive benefits. For those moving into the flats at Peabody Housing through The Lowe Group, can enjoy some unexpected advantages.


  • A sense of belonging – feeling isolated can lead to loneliness and depression. Living close to others in a similar position will create a community spirit to instil a sense of belonging, leading healthier and happier lives.
  • Security – having friendly neighbours creates a community spirit, leading the individual to feel more secure in their home.
  • Co-operation – a close knit group of people can rely on each other’s skill sets to make those everyday little tasks more achievable. People living close to others sharing similar beliefs will create happier, healthier, and more successful individuals.