Meet our Guardians: A Q&A with Isaac

Meet Isaac

We recently caught up with Isaac to get his insight on what it was like to be a guardian inside a LOWE property.

Have you been a guardian before?

“Never – it’s not really a concept back in Australia.”

How long have you been a guardian?

“Since December 2018.”

Why did you choose to become a guardian?

“I’d actually spotted an ad reading the Standard, did some research into the company and it looked like a really good program to get involved with. I signed up and a week later I had a new place!”

Was there a reason you decided to become a guardian with LOWE in particular?

“I’d heard some guardian programs were pretty ordinary, but all the LOWE employees seemed to be really vested into the business model, from the moment I signed up to coming into the office and meeting everyone – they all seemed to enjoy their work.”

How did you find out about guardianship?

Coming from Australia, the concept of squatters rights was foreign to me, I’d only heard about it through other people I’d met since moving here.

Do you enjoy being a guardian? What is your favourite part? Least favourite part?

It’s been an absolute dream. I was living in a dive before getting the LOWE property and it’s been nothing but great since. My favourite part is definitely the property we’ve been given, and I honestly can’t think of any complaints I’ve had since moving in.

How do you think becoming a guardian has had an impact on your life? If at all?

Definitely, I was pretty flat living at the property I was previously in and the agency was really poorly run so it sort of detracted from my first year in the city. Living in a LOWE property has been brilliant, it’s given me more of an opportunity to travel and the location of our property has opened us up to the entire city being so central.

Would you recommend guardianship to your friends and/or family?

I have, and a few have already signed up as Guardians!