Meet the Team: Isaac

Meet Isaac, our new Trainee Property Assistant! Tim, Founder & Director of The LOWE Group, recently joined the charity and social enterprise Regenerate, in an epic 2,022km cycle ride from Rome to London, called ‘Rome2Home

During the two-week cycle ride, Tim had the pleasure of meeting several young people partaking in the fundraiser, including Isaac Lutaya, who has been actively engaged with Regenerate for the past three years, from the age of 16 to 18. Isaac quickly gained recognition for his volunteer work during the pandemic, even speaking on BBC News to highlight community challenges.

Moreover, In 2023, Isaac spent the summer gaining invaluable work experience at the Feel Good Bakery, a social enterprise launched by Regenerate in 2014, run solely by young people, providing them with first-time employment opportunities. 

Now, Isaac is diving into an immersive training program, mentored by Andre Tulloch, Head of Property Services. This initiative covers diverse property skills, including fire alarm testing, project management, health and safety, auditing, utility management and much more, with a full-time position on offer upon completing the training programme…

Q. Where are you from, and where did you grow up?
A. ‘My family are originally from Uganda, but I grew up in Roehampton, and I now live in Putney.’

Q. How did you get involved with Regenerate?
A. ‘In 2020 when I was 16 years old. I could see the youth workers from Regenerate loading the community boxes filled with food into their vans from my house. During COVID-19, boxes filled with food were distributed by Regenerate throughout Roehampton – it was called ‘Grow-hampton’. Back then I was quite shy and not very confident talking to people, but I wanted to help out. I helped to load boxes and distribute the food, and I kept going back. The next thing I knew, Andy (Smith, the founder and CEO of Regenerate) asked me if I wanted to appear on BBC News! Soon after, Andy suggested that I become even more involved with the youth charity – taking part in activities, volunteering and fundraising. I was there every day after school, painting, cooking, exercising and going on trips.’

Q. What was your most memorable moment with Regenerate? 
A. ‘It was meeting and interacting with different types of people on the ‘Rome2Home’ cycle ride. I met some of Andy’s friends, including Tim, which was really great. The team and I had the opportunity to interact with some really inspirational people, including business owners, which was very eye-opening for a lot of the young people, including myself.’

Q. Which fundraisers have you taken part in?
A. ‘The main one was the cycle ride called ‘Rome2Home’, where we cycled 2,022 km over two weeks from Rome to London – we raised over £80k! I also took part in the West Highland Way fundraiser, where we walked 100 km over a week, and then climbed Ben Nevis. Honestly, I found that one very difficult, but I am proud of myself for completing the challenge, no matter how hard it was.’

Q. What do you like best about your job?
A. ‘I never knew what I wanted to do when I was younger, but now that I am in property I am loving it. Sometimes when I am at home, you will find me on YouTube just watching videos on the risks of asbestos in buildings, or even how HMOs work – I find it all so interesting. At the moment I am just really enjoying continuing to learn about the property industry.’

Q. What do you like best about working for LOWE?
A. ‘Everyone here is really friendly. Every time I ask a question everyone makes an effort to answer it, even if they are busy. I am honestly getting all the help I could need, I have no excuses!’

Q. What is something that people might not know about you
A. ‘I love music, especially 80s rock music – my favourite band at the moment is Survivor.’

Q. What is your favourite hobby?
A. ‘I was introduced to running by the Youth Workers at Regenerate about three years ago, and I just absolutely love it – I run and cycle every single day. I am in a running club, which is so fun, but I also often run on my own in Richmond Park to unwind.’

Isaac’s journey showcases his commitment to making a positive impact, and this marks as an exciting chapter in his professional development. What’s more, he is already impressing the team with his enthusiasm and keen eye for detail – great start, Isaac!

If you would like more information about our team or the services that we provide, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.