Why our Property Services Team is at the heart of LOWE

Transforming – and maintaining – the properties we’re entrusted with is a crucial part of what we do. Rather than let empty buildings go to waste, at LOWE we’re passionate about repurposing properties to create opportunities for people, places and spaces. At the heart of this work is our Property Services Team. Headed up by Senior Property Manager Andre, the team expertly renovates, maintains and inspects every building we look after.

“My division is split into three different sub teams, each specialised in their own area”, explains Andre.

“We have a health & safety team, responsible for the essential inspections which we carry out monthly. Our maintenance team undertakes the upkeep required on our buildings, both planned and reactive. And the project team is in charge of the re-fits and renovations of our properties – from recarpeting and decorating to installing new bathrooms and kitchens.”

What makes LOWE different?
Andre believes that this dedication to the quality of the building, whether it’s repurposed as living space for our property guardians or as workspace for local creatives or charities, is what sets LOWE apart from our competitors.

“We create ‘meanwhile’ spaces. Most properties we look after are in our care for around 18 months, before they are either redeveloped, demolished or sold on. Even though it’s for short-term use, the quality of our renovations is key – and that’s something we’re very proud of. Our re-fits are carried out to an extremely high standard, we make sure the properties are properly maintained, and even do a weekly clean of our large properties,” says Andre.

What are the benefits to property owners?
Our clients benefit in many ways – from peace of mind of knowing their vacant building is safe from squatters and other risks associated with unoccupied properties, to reduced insurance costs and business rates on commercial premises, saving expensive security fees, and even gaining revenue share.

How we refreshed a neglected property, and transformed it into a meanwhile home
We were recently asked to take over a former care home in Walthamstow, previously managed by another company. Due to several issues, the building had to be vacated and was handed to LOWE to manage.  

When we took over the property it was in a very poor condition and not fit for purpose, with no proper kitchen and only two shower facilities shared between 45 tenants. The lack of maintenance had led to issues with the electrics and the fire alarm system, meaning it was unsafe to have people living there.

Our dedicated Property Services Team has transformed the building, including rewiring, upgrading the boiler, repainting and re-carpeting all 45 rooms, installing three large kitchen areas, and creating eight extra bathrooms.

Now, the revamped building is home to our carefully vetted property guardians, made up of key workers and professionals. Our guardians benefit from affordable accommodation near their place of work, while the client can rest assured the property is being properly maintained and safely occupied.

Speak to us to find out how LOWE can give your empty property new purpose, call us on 0207 856 0171.