S2: Episode 2 – Alex Pielak & Tilley Harris, AKOU

Welcome to Season 2 of The LOWE Down – the podcast from The LOWE Group, which talks about Property with a Purpose.

The LOWE Group is a property services group who are passionate about innovative and creative solutions to managing vacant space, delivering social impact wherever possible. This podcast speaks to people within the industry who inspire us and the work we do.

In this episode, we are delighted to welcome Alex Pielak & Tilley Harris, the co-founders of AKOU.

AKOU is a unique tech-company which measures social impact by collecting data-lead evidence. They do this by working closely with communities to provide tangible statistics on the social impact that is being created, and provide support on how to further it.

The LOWE Group is incredibly passionate about delivering social impact for local communities, and in this episode, Tim seeks a further understanding as to how this idea was brought to life, the challenges faced, as well as the ongoing recognition and success that AKOU has had over the years.

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