Property Guardianship: The Law

We are delighted to be a founding member of the Property Guardian Providers’ Association which advocates and supports the health and safety of Guardians and the legal status of security for Landlords.

Over the last year we have been working on “The Law on Property Guardians White Paper, November 2017” which sets out the health, safety and legal status of security through occupation.

“Seven of the UK’s leading property guardian providers have been meeting during 2017 to discuss the issues within the sector and to explore setting up a property guardian providers’ association. The providers aimed to benchmark the current legal status of a guardian, and what the obligations are for the owners or management companies for those premises being used to house guardians. This document, we hope, will help inform all stakeholders – including building owners and local authorities – and support the providers’ joint aim of promoting best practice across the sector, advocating that all legal and safety standards and regulations are adhered to, or exceeded, by all providers.”

Published by seven UK property guardian providers

  • LOWE Guardians
  • Ad-Hoc
  • DEX
  • Dot Dot Dot
  • Guardians of London
  • Live-in Guardians
  • VPS Guardians

Published by:

Giles Peaker, Partner, Anthony Gold Solicitors;
Andrew Arden, QC, Andrew Dymond, Barrister, Arden Chambers