Three Years On: Jack Rudman’s LOWE Journey

Jack Rudman has been with The LOWE Group for 3 years, and over this time he has witnessed much change within the business and the wider industry. Here he talks about his main takeaways from the past three years, and how his role, and LOWE as a business, have evolved and grown over the years.

As Client Services Director, Jack sits at the centre of all our existing clients, building long lasting relationships and managing the intricacies of each account.

“What’s been really exciting during my last three years at LOWE is seeing how our vacant property solutions have evolved. When I first joined the company, property guardianship was our sole focus, securing properties and providing affordable accommodation to young professionals and key workers. And whilst that’s still a large part of our business, over the past three years we have seen how our clients, and the types of vacant properties, have changed, and so we wanted to reflect this in the types of solutions we are able to offer.

Offering affordable workspace as a solution for vacant property, is an incredibly powerful way for us to engage with the local community, support local enterprise and ensure we can repurpose vacant space for social impact. One of our properties in Fulham is a truly multi-purpose property: with studios providing accommodation on the upper floors to guardians, there are two commercial units on the ground floor which will play host to a local charity, as well as provide affordable workspace to local businesses. As we have grown as a business, for us to be able to make that commitment to our clients and the local community, is something I have loved being part of and help drive forward.

Property guardians still make up a huge portion of our business, and providing affordable accommodation to young professionals and key workers is something that I’m passionate about. I take great enjoyment from meeting guardians, and hearing how they are benefitting from the scheme, whether they are forming life-long connections or saving for a deposit for their own place, is incredibly rewarding and a huge achievement for us as a business.

Over the years, we have taken on a variety of buildings, from police stations to office blocks, and most recently in Fulham, we’ve taken on 15 flats which had been left vacant for a number of years. For each client, we provide a detailed report on our recommendations for how best to secure their vacant properties, be it for guardianship, workspace or charitable use. We breathe new life back into vacant buildings, ensuring they are safe and habitable spaces to live, work and create, whilst our clients work through their next steps.

The last three years working for The LOWE Group have been of incredible for growth and evolution, and I’ve loved being part of a business that’s challenging the industry in what it does and how we think about vacant property.”

If you have a vacant building and you would like to find out how our bespoke service can work for you, contacts us today for a free consultation report with our recommendations on how best to protect your building.