Support Worker

Bethany is the newest guardian out of our first generation of LOWE Ambassadors. She has been living at our Clapham Junction care home since June of 2020 and was one of the first people to make this 29-bed property their home. Hailing from the countryside in North Essex, Bethany moved to Brighton to study Fine Art, specialising in painting as soon as she could. After years painting landscapes, Bethany thought it was about time she went and saw some new ones, so she hit the road and went all over the world. After an extensive tour, Bethany has now found her home in the almost-as-exotic Clapham care home.

Bethany is a support worker, supporting people one-on-one through an agency. She chose this career both for the flexibility and the capacity to do good through her work. She has been doing this work since she was 18 and loves it. Although lockdown has been incredibly difficult, a positive for Bethany has been her focus and investment in her work. Being a support worker gives her the opportunity to help people develop social skills and to support them in their independence by assisting them with any hurdles they may face in their day-to-day life. This compassion comes from the fundamental value Bethany places on human connection and relationships.

When she’s not carrying out this amazing work, you can catch Bethany camping or spinning the decks with some disco, soul and house classics. Although the opportunities for DJing are slim at the moment, living in a guardianship has given Bethany the opportunity to meet like-minded people who are creative and interesting in their own right. The ‘no candle’ policy has taken its toll on our traveller but living in such a unique building with the flexibility of a rolling agreement makes up for it.

Brining sound and colour to Clapham Junction, Bethany is excited to connect with guardians across the LOWE community and open up opportunities for art workshops and fundraising.

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