Actor and Producer

Misha is one of our placemaking heroes, as her passion for theatre and desire to help people with chronic illness and disability make her the ideal candidate for a LOWE Ambassador. Misha grew up in Singapore living in converted army barracks with her parents, which set the tone for her future in guardianship. Her family finally settled in Dorset before Misha headed to Oxford to study biology. Misha’s logic behind this degree choice was very sound and sweet, thinking to herself “this is how we save the environment!” One lecture later she realised that she had made a grave error and moved into the humanities looking to find more creative ways of addressing the climate crisis.

Misha now runs a female-identifying only production company. A primary value of the company is to make the stage accessible to neuro-diverse performers, performers with disabilities and performers who suffer from chronic illness. Perhaps the most radical thing about this company is the fact that they pay everyone, from actor to stagehand. Over lockdown Misha felt the cynicism creeping in. However, she said that watching ‘I Will Destroy You’ really hit home, and she was re-invigorated to create art with social purpose. It was also a great opportunity to spend time with the family and reconsider where she should be putting her energy. As an actor, the lines between pleasure and business are often blurred but you can catch Misha working on her parkour and Krav Maga, or cooking up a storm.

Being a property guardian made sense to Misha. After her humble origins in the converted army barracks, a former bank in the heart of London felt like the right place to cultivate her artistic endeavours. She loves the space and the subversive nature of filling former corporate spaces with life and art. Not every artist enjoys a trip to the bank, but this one has taken over. Misha loves stepping out of her front door in Mayfair and looking over the members’ clubs and strolling past her highfalutin neighbours. The most difficult part of being a guardian has to be the inherent feeling of transience, which is the other side of the guardian coin.

Misha is excited to help us develop the LOWE networking platform, and get the creativity flowing. We have a strong cohort of theatre workers in our Ambassador crew, and we can’t wait to see what they cook up.

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