Musician & Tutor, Odina

“Music is my passion”. Blanca is one of our Placemakers and has been working on an artist project, Odina Music, for the past 4 years. Blanca sees music as a form of therapy, diving in deep to help with mental health struggles, and has had messages from around the world saying that her music has helped people through difficult times – for Blanca, that’s the most rewarding thing about what she does. As well as music, Blanca is also a Spanish and Mathematics tutor, tutoring students from a variety of backgrounds, including children with Special Educational Needs.

The past 18-months have had a critical impact on the arts, with the music industry being one of the hardest hit industries, and as such funding opportunities are becoming more and more scarce. As an independent artist, Blanca self-released her debut album last year, and she is now working towards securing enough funding for her second album. Becoming a LOWE Ambassador will allow Blanca to save money, so she can invest back into her artist project, as well as directly contribute to the funding of her next album and helping her move forward with her musical career. The guardianship lifestyle also provides her with the space and freedom to be creative, to write music and develop as an artist.

Blanca hopes to bring people together and collaborate with other creatives within the LOWE community, and not just with other musicians but with photographers, directors, cinematographers, graphic designers, helping to showcase other people’s work and build the creative community. Her creative reach is endless, and we can’t wait to see the innovative cultivation across the LOWE network.

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