Community Support Worker & Actress, St Peters Church West Molesey

As a community support worker and actress, Shadia loves helping and interacting with people on a day-to-day basis. Mental wellbeing, diversity and inclusion are important to her, and as a Contributor, Shadia volunteers for Age UK, visiting elderly people who are experiencing isolation and loneliness. Unfortunately, hasn’t been possible in the past year due to strict restrictions, but she finds time to work at the local foodbank once a week as well as volunteering at her church in her spare time.

Shadia initially became a LOWE Guardian for the affordability and ideal location close to her work, but she quickly realised once moving in, that guardianship offered so much more; a ready-made community of like-minded people awaited her arrival. She easily slotted into guardian life and is now Head Guardian at her property, meaning communicating effectively and problem solving are also strengths of hers. Being an actress with a passion for the arts, Shadia is also naturally creative and brainstorming new ideas comes easily to her.

Shadia wanted to become a LOWE Ambassador because she loves people and wants to facilitate connections across LOWE properties between like-minded people – we couldn’t be happier that she chose to put that energy into fostering the LOWE community! We are looking forward to developing the infrastructure to connect LOWE guardians across the south of England, and Shadia’s attitude is going to help make it happen.

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