Coming all the way from Chicago, Elliot found his true home in London 8 years ago. As he stepped off the train for a quick visit to London, it was love at first sight, and after that moment he went to every length to make life in London work. Elliott got his bachelor’s in history and his master’s in teaching before establishing himself in the London teaching community. Teaching in the UK differs significantly from the US, as it requires flexibility from the teachers to address kids of varying levels and across different topics, as opposed to the US strategy of teaching only one course at a time. Although it keeps him on his toes, it is very rewarding. One of the key drives for Elliott is for him to be a mentor for young people, who can help them be positive about their future and support them as they learn independence and commitment.

It takes a certain type of person to move to a new country, and you can always find that person at the heart of the action. Elliott loves live music, dancing, travel, meeting new people and learning about new cultures. So, for someone like Elliott, lockdown obviously had its drawbacks as he says he became demotivated, and the feeling of separation from his family in the US became increasingly difficult. Always one to find the teachable moment in a scenario, however, Elliott appreciated the time to reflect and look after himself. He cooked new dishes, expanded his cocktail portfolio, read new books and got his work-life balance back in check.

Elliott is a classic example of why it is so important that we make affordable living alternatives, like guardianship, available to key workers. He was primarily drawn to guardianship both as a way to meet like-minded people in a new city, and for an economic break while teaching. As Elliott’s experience in London has changed and progressed, so has his guardianship. When he first joined LOWE at the beginning of 2018, he was excited for the opportunity to meet new people and to live in the heart of London in a unique space. He found our Marble Arch bank ticked all of these boxes and lived there happily for over two years. This year, he was ready to experience a new part of London and to find a property that was self-contained and suited the next stage of his London life. We were so pleased to help him make this transition with one of our flats in Loughborough Junction, which would have otherwise been vacant ahead of a great regeneration project.

The LOWE Ambassador Programme immediately drew Elliott, as his interest in people and passion for connection made this the perfect opportunity for him to facilitate broader relationships in the LOWE community, and to bring people together and offer a platform for diverse voices. Throughout his time as a teacher, Elliott has gained a lot of experience in fundraising and organising, and we are excited to tap into these skills for our upcoming charity events with the LOWE Foundation.

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