Actor & Writer

Shaun has been a staple name in the LOWE office, and he is one of our longest serving guardians celebrating three years with the company this year. Shaun has come full circle. Born in London, Shaun’s family made a hasty escape to the cosy countryside of Lyme Regis for his childhood. To say Shaun is full of energy is an understatement, and as soon as he could he hit the road and went travelling for two years. Ever the thespian, it’s not hard to imagine our hero arriving in London after this period of soul searching with “a suitcase full of dreams”. He has achieved his master’s in acting and is a qualified yoga instructor. Shaun sees acting and yoga being a part of the same mission; the head space offered by yoga and the escapism and reflection offered by theatre and film give Shaun the drive to continue down this path.

The entertainment industry has been especially hard hit by the global pandemic. For Shaun, the lockdown greatly affected his work. But not one to sit still, Shaun has written more than ever, completing a full play, working on various other projects that he would never have had the time to commit to, and planned the production of his own short film. Shaun’s secret is that in order to shut down from this stimulating work, he must wear earplugs and a face mask otherwise he can’t sleep.

Shaun started off at our property in Brockwell Park 3 years ago, before heading over to the Marble Arch bank, and loves the financial relief offered by guardianship. He sees this decision as an investment in his professional life and is happy to put up with the odd visit from a client or contractor to do it. Shaun is able to do what few actors dream of doing, he is saving for a deposit on a house. As a good cook, a mediator and a fiscally responsible sole trader, Shaun is the perfect guardian.

In his time as a LOWE Ambassador, Shaun wants to hold the space for fellow guardians. Over lockdown he already ran free zoom yoga sessions for our guardians and going forward he wants to bring more people in on the best kept LOWE secret.

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