To provide resources necessary to improve affordable housing in London, and collaborate with our clients and charitable organisations to support the most vulnerable, through grant giving and fundraising events.


We would love to see a city of equal opportunity where key workers, innovators and placemakers are not priced out of London and local areas flourish, regardless of post code.


Since LOWE’s inception in 2016 social impact has been a vital part of our business practice. Guardianship addresses two major issues in real estate today; affordable housing and environmentally sustainable housing. As a team we look to engage with these issues further, partnering with charities such as St. Mungo’s, LandAid and Spires Streatham.

Looking ahead, we want to expand our reach and engage with causes that are important both to our clients and guardians. The LOWE Foundation is the charitable arm of the company, as we take moral responsibility to the greater London community seriously. We will be working with guardians and landlords to collaborate on projects and promote valuable causes with a primary focus on local charities and the prevention of relief of poverty.


Our Buy One Give One scheme generates a donation from LOWE to a valuable cause close to our heart. For every property we take on, we donate £250 and for every guardian we house, we donate £10. All donations go to one of our partner charities, St. Mungo’s, LandAid and Spires Streatham. If there is a particular cause close to your heart then let us know, we would love to get involved! Within the last twelve months, we have also made donations to AfriKids, CALM, Plastic Oceans and Client Earth, and we continue to generate this giving scheme into volunteer action as we develop a network of relationships across charities and guardians.

Fundraising is an excellent way for us to come together as a community and raise money for great causes. The LOWE team have the flexibility to volunteer during work hours and get support for the causes they are passionate about. As a business, we lead the change we want to see.


Vacant property owners can benefit from a commercial solution with minimal costs that maximises the return to local communities. At the same time, London’s key workers, including the police force, NHS workers, teachers and those working in non-profit sectors, are being priced out of the areas they work in by high rental costs, despite giving so much back to the local community.

Our LOWEkey initiative prioritises key workers, offering an affordable rental solution in close proximity to their workplace, whilst providing property owners with a cost-effective solution to managing their vacant buildings.

David, LOWE Ambassador, Key Worker


Guardianship is more than a living alternative, it is a lifestyle. At LOWE we are committed to unlocking aspirations through affordable housing. We have seen guardians go to war-torn countries to provide aid and medical attention, make the Forbes 30 Under 30, be nominated for a Mercury Prize and fight on the medical frontier during the Coronavirus pandemic. The sheer diversity and calibre of LOWE Guardians is astounding, and presents an amazing opportunity to connect like minded people and foster collaboration. So many guardians choose guardianship not only for its affordability, but also for its community, opportunity and sustainability.

Our aim is to give our guardians the space and infrastructure to support them in their endeavours and to connect them with resources and each other. To this end, we have launched the LOWEkey Ambassador Programme. We are looking for passionate guardians who are driven both in their work, their individual projects and are invested in bringing together the LOWE community through the LOWEkey network.


Sean, LOWE Ambassador, Placemaker