Tim Lowe



Tim Lowe is the Founder and Director of The LOWE Group, and is incredibly passionate about finding meanwhile solutions to managing vacant spaces, as well as providing premium, yet affordable housing for young key workers, creatives and professionals in the city.

“In 2014 I conducted an investigation with Estates Gazette, called ‘Lowe Cost Living’, to discover if any truly affordable living options existed for London’s young workers. The project involved me searching for, and living in, properties under £500 a month in central London. The investigation gave me an opportunity to live as a property guardian in a number of different buildings, where I shared one shower in a disused office with twenty others, experienced 24/7 heating in the height of summer and endured rat-infested bathrooms.

I realised then that the property guardianship industry needed to be radically improved. I founded The LOWE Group with the sole aim of creating a property management company with a difference. By prioritising safe and affordable accommodation for London’s young professionals, key-workers and creatives, we can, at the same time, provide property owners with a trust-worthy, efficient and low-cost solution to the problems created by leaving a building vacant.

As a young, family-run company, we are constantly evolving. Looking ahead we will also be launching a new arts venture which will provide affordable studio space for budding artists.”

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