Episode 4 – Justin Shee, CitizenG

Welcome to The LOWE Down – the Podcast from The LOWE Group, which talks all about Property with a Purpose.

We are a property services group who are passionate about innovative and creative solutions to managing vacant space, delivering social impact wherever possible. This podcast speaks to people within the industry who inspire us and the work we do.

In this episode we chat to Justin Shee, founder of CitizenG, formerly The Kohab, an interesting alternative to retirement living.

Justin has always had a strong affinity with intergenerational living, having grown up living with his grandfather, and he feels strongly that there’s much to learn from the older generations, and vice versa.

We talk about Justin’s vision of setting up his business and the setbacks he’s come across along the way, as well as the importance of community, the benefits of ‘Intergenerational Co-living’,  and the prevalence of loneliness in today’s highly connected world.

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