Vacant Pub Management

We are highly experienced in the management of pubs and can provide a range of cost-effective solutions to keep your vacant pub secure and safeguard its structural integrity. These tailored solutions include live-in caretakers, traditional security and property guardianship.

Given the unique nature of pubs, property guardianship would be the most effective and cost-neutral, as it would ensure that the property is well maintained, with all maintenance issues being promptly addressed. Furthermore, property guardianship plays a part in alleviating the effects of the housing crisis, by repurposing vacant buildings and utilising them to provide well located, affordable accommodation for key workers and professionals, on a flexible 28-day contract.

What’s more, property guardians do not affect planning, so you can continue with your existing plans, mitigate costs and contributing positively to the local community.

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We have found LOWE incredibly responsive and professional when dealing with our vacant properties. From the moment a building becomes vacant, they are able to move very fast, ensuring all compliance in place and occupying the properties with socially responsible guardians. We are given regular up to date reports and they maintain our properties to a very high standard.

Max Rankin


We have found working with LOWE a really positive experience for managing our vacant properties. They have a rigorous vetting process for their guardians, ensuring only the most socially responsible occupy our properties. In return, we are delighted that our vacant buildings can be used to provide young professionals and key workers, with safe, secure and affordable accommodation.

Mark Innocenti


We have been working closely with LOWE since 2017. Their buildings are well-managed, and they care about their guardians, which is reflected in the sense of community that they create in their properties. When a guardian initiative works like this, it is a mutually beneficial solution for all involved, offering the building owners considerable savings as well as security.

Sarah Davies

Pocket Living

Not only has LOWE saved us from significant security costs, but the social value of having responsible property guardians living in the estate has also been enormous. The flexible nature of their legal agreements fits perfectly with our ongoing plans for regenerating South Acton Estate with quality, affordable homes. We are especially proud to be housing key workers from the surrounding areas.

Leon Joseph

Ealing Council

We have been working with LOWE for the past 2 years and we have found their property guardian service an excellent fit for our vacant buildings. Not only is this ensuring that the properties are professionally managed and saving us on traditional security costs, but we are really pleased that the properties are being used to house key workers working in the local area through their LOWEkey programme.

Duncan Winter

Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust