Property Caretaking Services

We offer property owners caretaking services for vacant but habitable properties. Live-in caretakers or guardians are a highly effective way of securing your property. Caretakers afford our clients a cost-effective solution to lowering insurance premiums, as well as protection from squatting, vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

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What is Property Caretaking?

Property caretaking is a service provided to protect a property from the risks that come with having an empty building. Caretakers or property guardians will inhabit a property in order to secure and safeguard the premises, keeping the building occupied and unavailable to squatters, mitigating any potential risks.

Property Caretakers

When should you employ our Property Caretaking Services?

Leaving a property empty can often attract unwanted attention such as squatters, vandalism and more. If you are concerned that your vacant property could be affected by such issues, then our property caretaking services not only save you a significant portion of your outgoings but offers round-the-clock protection, whilst helping provide accommodation to someone in the local community. We have an extensive vetting process that ensures only the most socially responsible, reliable and professional community of property caretakers are trusted to care for your accommodation.

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Property Caretaking with LOWE

If you own a vacant building and looking to secure your property during this time, get in touch with The Lowe Group today and learn how we can best help you with our property caretaking services.

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