Health Care Assistant

Brighton is known for its livability and quality community, and the calibre of guardian at our Preston Park property is representative of this. David is a health care assistant and mental health support worker in Brighton, working with many different people including attending care homes to help people with dementia. His humanitarian drive was instilled by his mother who has been a nurse for over 40 years and has continued to fight on the frontlines throughout the Covid-19 crisis.

Born in London, his family relocated to Dorset until he left for university to study Anthropology and Development. David believes his urge to do good and the genuine care he has for people derives from a period of ‘uselessness’ when he was younger, and now he strives to be useful everyday with an end goal to move into the charity sector. David likes living in Brighton as he feels the social do-gooding is entwined with the Brighton mentality. There is a culture of giving back and addressing the problems you see every day, such as homelessness, without feeling the same sense of being overwhelmed and disconnected that many experience in London.

In his spare time David enjoys cooking, walking, sightseeing, basketball and reading. A real perk for him during lockdown was having so many friends at the 22-person property. Joining a guardianship was a personal challenge for David. He recounted a period in his life where, despite his social nature, he was having difficulty putting himself into new social situations. Nowadays, David thinks it was one of the best decisions he made, and he finds joy in those little interactions he has with his housemates across the day; whether that is a chat over a cup of tea or cooking alongside each other.

As an Ambassador David wants to address the lack of mental health support for teachers, frontline health workers, and community and charity workers who are being confronted with the constant exposure to Covid-19. He is working with LOWE to form a key worker network that holds the space for people who need it.

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