Community Placemaking

Utilising Vacant Properties and Benefiting the Local Community Through Placemaking

At The LOWE Group, we are on a mission to breathe fresh life into vacant buildings and create positive social impact by doing so. We take on the management of empty commercial properties and utilise the space in a way that will benefit both the property owner and the local community through placemaking.

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Community Placemaking Through Charitable Occupation

We work with charitable organisations which house artists, musicians, and voluntary or charitable groups, who contribute to the vitality of the local community, but are unable to afford normal commercial rents. By providing these organisations with the space to create locally-based, stimulating communities, we can help the surrounding community to flourish, which is something we are extremely proud of.

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Community Placemaking Through Workspace

Our mission is to remove inactive, derelict buildings from being present in our local communities. Rather than leaving a building empty, we utilise otherwise vacant properties and provide an affordable workspace solution, breathing new life back into large, disused spaces. We want our workspaces to contribute to the community and stimulate local economies, by providing young businesses, creatives and entrepreneurs with locally based, affordable and diverse workspaces through community placemaking.

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Business Rate Management

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Affordable Workspace

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Charitable Foundation & Giving Back

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