Business Rates Management through neighbourhood Workspace

LOWE Works is our affordable, neighbourhood workspace concept, that utilises vacant buildings to offer flexible, high quality workspaces in local neighbourhoods to support small businesses and the local community. This is a professional and cost-efficient solution for commercial landlords and their vacant buildings.

Where possible, we take on full management and payment of any business rates liabilities liaising with the Valuation Office Agency and ensuring that we receive, and make payment of, invoices.


The Benefits

Benefit 1

Business Rates Management

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Benefit 2


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Benefit 3

Place Making

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Benefit 4

Affordable Workspace

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Benefit 5

Facilities Management

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Benefit 6

Charitable Foundation & Giving Back

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Commercial Property Owners

Our mission is to remove inactive, derelict buildings from being present in local neighbourhoods. We want to create workspaces that contribute to the community and stimulate local economies, by providing young businesses, creatives and entrepreneurs with locally based, affordable and diverse workspaces that will help businesses to flourish. At the same time, we protect our clients’ vacant properties from squatting, mitigate business rates and lower insurance premiums, all whilst taking excellent care of the building.

We continue to look for vacant buildings and floor plates, so do get in touch for more information on our service.

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Alexander House, LOWE Works


Contact our team to discuss how we can help you best.

Vacant Building Management

We take great care of the buildings we secure, and from start to finish, we manage and maintain each property for our clients, breathing new life back into large, disused spaces. We fully fit-out each building ensuring it is secure, fully compliant with health and safety standards and completed to a bespoke standard prior to our members renting spaces, and our in-house maintenance operatives are on hand to provide upkeep for each property.

Alexander House, LOWE Works

The Process

Step 1


Contact us by phone or email to arrange an inspection of your property.

Step 2


We will inspect your building and provide you with a free consultation report with our recommendations on how best to protect your building.

Step 3

The Fit Out

Our highly skilled maintenance team will fit out your building, meeting all necessary regulations and standards and are on hand to provide upkeep for your property.

Step 4


We then provide small businesses, creatives and entrepreneurs with locally based, affordable and diverse workspaces which contribute to the community and stimulate local economies.

Step 5


Our 24/7 management team are on call to ensure the property is effectively managed. We do not charge a management fee.

Step 6


Upon reaching the end of the agreed contract, our members are given 3-months’ notice to vacate the building, after which it is returned to its original state.

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