Create Social Impact Through Vacant Space

Charitable Occupation can provide guaranteed business rates savings of between 80 – 100%. We work with a curated selection of registered charities who utilise vacant properties to drive positive social impact and change within local communities. Every charity we work with is eligible for a mandatory 80% business rates relief. We manage all aspects of the relationship and ensure that the rates relief are successfully applied for.

For our clients who are looking to create social impact through their vacant space, we can help them to create revenue whilst supporting the local community.


The Benefits

Benefit 1

Building Security

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Benefit 2

Business Rates Relief

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Benefit 3

Building Management

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Benefit 4

Place Making

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Benefit 5

Charitable Foundation & Giving Back

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Our Partners

We partner with a number of charitable organisations that look to house artists, musicians, voluntary and charitable groups in vacant buildings and contribute to the vitality of the local community. By partnering with charities who share our values, we can provide charitable occupation for them with the freedom and space to breathe new life back into vacant, disused buildings, help the surrounding community to flourish and create positive change at the same time.

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Providing a Purpose

Working closely with our charitable partners we repurpose vacant buildings for charitable occupation, which ensures our clients’ property is protected from squatters, theft, arson, vandalism and anti-social behaviour, the most common issues which threaten vacant buildings and their surroundings. By providing organisations with vacant space to create locally-based, stimulating communities, we can ensure a reliable and professional security solution for our clients’ property, whilst having a bigger social impact.

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The Process

Step 1


Contact us by phone or email to arrange an inspection of your property.

Step 2


We will inspect your building and provide you with a free consultation report with our recommendations on how best to protect your building.

Step 3

The Fit Out

Our highly skilled maintenance team will fit out your building, meeting all necessary regulations and standards and are on hand to provide upkeep for your property.

Step 4


We partner with charities to house organisations who contribute to the vitality of the local community but who would otherwise be unable to afford normal commercial rents.

Step 5


Our 24/7 management team are on call to ensure the property is effectively managed. We do not charge a management fee.

Step 6


Upon reaching the end of the agreed contract, our partners are given 3-months’ notice to vacate the building, after which it is returned to its original state.

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