Business Rates Mitigation For Empty Properties

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Save a minimum of 80% with our empty business rates mitigation schemes

We look at innovative business rates mitigation schemes to deliver bespoke strategies to our clients in order to mitigate costly rates – saving our clients a significant proportion of their outgoings.

We can help you save a minimum of 80% on your Business Rates bill. As specialists in vacant property management, we can guarantee:

– Substantial savings on your bill, up to 100% –
– Minimised risk of liability –
– Provide you with the best option for your business –

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Intermittent Occupation

When a building becomes vacant, the beneficial occupier is eligible to receive 3 months empty rates relief. We implement a solution that relies on a period of occupation of six weeks to ‘trigger’ an entitlement to a further three-month period of relief from empty rate liability. The solution uses the temporary substantial storage of goods or documents.

With a 100% successful track record, this is the most dependable strategy available when seeking to mitigate empty rates liability on a short-term basis. The LOWE Group will set this up with the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) and manage the process. We can operate on very flexible terms, and this will allow you to let the space when required.

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Charitable Occupation

Charitable Occupation can provide guaranteed savings of 80 – 100%. We work with genuine charities, who use the property to drive social value and change. Every charity we work with is registered with the charitable commission and eligible for a mandatory 80% business rates relief – identifying these business rates mitigation schemes can save you thousands of pounds. We manage all aspects of the relationship and ensure that the rates relief is successfully applied for.

Charitable Occupation

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Workspace Occupation

Where possible, through LOWE Works, we can cover all the rates liabilities on vacant properties and at the same time, support small businesses. We take on full management and payment of any business rates liabilities on properties that we manage. We also take full responsibility for liaising with the VOA and ensure that we receive (and make payment of) invoices.

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Live in Property Guardians

One of the most effective long-term solutions to mitigating business rates, property guardians can provide your vacant property with security and protection whilst saving you money in the process. By mitigating empty rates and lowering insurance premiums we can ensure massive annual savings, with records of over £100,000. Discover more about our leading business rates mitigation scheme.

Property Guardians
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Business Rates Mitigation Schemes with LOWE

If you are looking for a business rates mitigation scheme, or soon to be in possession of an empty property, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss how we can best help you.

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